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The Amazing Race - No Bags Needed

After the Roadblock, Rowan makes a big sacrifice in an attempt to catch Nicki & Kim before the Pit Stop.

The Amazing Race - The Gentleman's Agreement

Married ER Doctors Nicole & Travis aren't happy with cousins Leo & Jamal after they broke an agreement.

The Amazing Race - Bye Bye Bingo

After a Roadblock where Rowan called Marie "el Diablo", she and Tim have had enough of Team Bingo as well as Ally & Ashley.

The Amazing Race - Hard Day At the Salt Mines

Baseball wives Nicki & Kim are completely exhausted after finishing the Detour in last place.

The Amazing Race - An Emotional Goodbye

Rowan gets choked up as he discusses his long, enduring friendship with Shane.

The Amazing Race - Taking Responsibility

Dating couple Jason & Amy share how they get through moments that could challenge the strength of their relationship.

The Amazing Race - Absolutely Insane

NHL Ice Crew members Ally & Ashley are all smiles as they recount their crazy leg of salt mines, bus rides and bike riding.

The Amazing Race - No Pain, No Gain

Former NFL teammates Chester & Ephraim never had a bus ride like the one to Santiago, but it was all worth it after coming in first place.

The Amazing Race - King Arthur Style (Preview)

Teams go back in time, making for a "knight" to remember on the next episode of The Amazing Race, Sunday, 8/7c. Only CBS

The Amazing Race - Oklahoma Meets Texas

Best friends Tim & Danny get to know former Houston Texan teammates Chester & Ephraim.

The Amazing Race - Racing On Their Own

While waiting for the 2nd bus, NHL Ice Crew members Ally & Ashley don't like how Marie and the Express Pass messes with their game.

The Amazing Race - All About Afghanimals

Exes Tim & Marie and married ER doctors Nicole & Travis find common ground when discussing cousins Leo & Jamal.

The Amazing Race - The Agreement

Rowan explains the agreement he made with Shane before coming on the Race.

The Amazing Race - Two Legs, Two Mistakes

Phil tries to help Leo & Jamal work through their conflict after the cousins lost the leg by not properly paying their taxi driver.

The Amazing Race - Final Curtain Call

Theater actors Rowan & Shane tell Phil they ran the Race. The Race didn't run them.

The Amazing Race - Not So Motivational

Dating couple Jason & Amy prove that it's a thin line between motivation and yelling.

The Amazing Race - No Begging Allowed

Cousins Leo & Jamal will not be begging exes Tim & Marie for the second Express Pass. They also have plenty to say about Travis.

The Amazing Race - Carrying Her Team

Phil compliments Marie after her strong performance at the Detour carrying heavy bags of salt.

The Amazing Race - A Learning Experience

Baseball Wives Nicki & Kim are picking up valuable tips on how to be better racers and still have plenty to learn.

The Amazing Race - Inside Shoe Shining, Part 2

Watch as Adam, Nicole, and Amy try to keep their cool and solve their Roadblock mistakes.

The Amazing Race - Out of Their Control

Married ER Doctors Nicole & Travis tell Phil how difficult running the Race can be.

The Amazing Race - Mr. Salt Man

Chester and Ephraim use a different method of smashing rocks.

The Amazing Race - Rowan and Shane are Eliminated

Rowan and Shane are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race - Backpack System

Marie creates a backpack system to keep everyone in line.

The Amazing Race - Rollin' Like a Big Shot

Nicole struggles riding a bicycle and Travis gets frustrated.


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