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The Amazing Race - Paragliding in Chile

Kim faces her fear during a high-flying roadblock challenge.

The Amazing Race - Way Too Soon

Hoskote and Naina are the first team eliminated.

The Amazing Race - Second Express Pass

Tim and Marie are first to the mat and win the coveted Double Express Pass.

The Amazing Race - Not This Many Freeways in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma boys get lost while trying to find the Los Angeles International airport.

The Amazing Race - One with Nature

The teams introduce themselves to one another.

The Amazing Race - 30-Minute Penalty

Travis and Nicole incur a 30-minute penalty for misreading the clue.

The Amazing Race - Words of Encouragement

Nicole shouts out words of encouragement to her husband, Travis.

The Amazing Race - Not Following Directions

The Afghanimals, Leo and Jamal, realize they didn't read the clue correctly.

The Amazing Race - Straight Up Robbery

Tim and Marie steal Leo and Jamal's taxi.

That's all folks for this week. Enjoy!

Great Job! I love this thread. :cheer:

They all worked by the way.

Sorry Idk where to post this but premiere ratings were down 1 million on last years premiere  :ascared :ascared
Is this the final number or will it be edited with a correct figure. It seems so low  :'( :'(

The Amazing Race - Home, Sweet Home

Theater actors Rowan & Shane are the envy of other teams as they prepare for a comfortable nap.

The Amazing Race - Inside Shoe Shining, Part 1

In an exclusive deleted scene, Adam, Nicole, and Amy all had their share of problems at the Roadblock.

The Amazing Race - Baseball Bonding

Kim and Tim continue their conversation about baseball (and her husband) and find they have
even more in common.

The Amazing Race - The Perfect Bus Ride

Exes Tim & Marie list the teams they'd like to share a bus with and the two they definitely would not.

The Amazing Race - Midwestern Connection

Baseball wives Nicki & Kim bond with best friends Tim & Danny about the Midwest and missing their children at home.


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