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The Amazing Race - The Bodyguards

Former NFL players Chester & Ephraim have a little fun by telling teams they used to be bodyguards for Prince.

The Amazing Race - Race Cut Short

Father and daughter Hoskote & Naina lament what could have been after being eliminated.

The Amazing Race - The Grand Plan

Naina reveals the plan she and her father concocted to hide his profession as an ER doctor from other teams.

The Amazing Race - Tears for Fears

Even the thought of being eliminated in the first leg makes Amy emotional as she and Jason wait to board their flight.

The Amazing Race - Forgotten Fanny Pack

Before not reading their clue cost them 2 Express Passes, Nicole & Travis break another cardinal Race rule at the start.

Before I continue, can y'all see the first 5 vids I just posted? Just wanted to make sure I'm doing it right, it's been 4 months! All I see is white boxes.

I can't, but I can't see what's wrong either :P


--- Quote from: αirlinesguy on September 29, 2013, 11:37:24 PM ---I can't, but I can't see what's wrong either :P

--- End quote ---

Ok I need to go back to last season to see how I posted the videos. I may have done something wrong. Let me go and see.

The Amazing Race - Bingo's Big Lie

Theater actors Rowan & Shane pull one over on Oklahomans Tim & Danny, but ultimately come clean.

The Amazing Race - Ditching the Doctors

NHL Ice Crew members Ally & Ashley show just how competitive they are by leaving Nicole & Travis behind.

The Amazing Race - Bingo Bonanza

Theater actors Rowan and Shane chat with Phil about their favorite team, lookalikes, and losing weight.

The Amazing Race - Family First

Oklahoman Tim chokes up as he talks to Phil about his family and why he's running the race with Danny.

The Amazing Race - What They Learned

Afghanimal cousins Leo & Jamal admit their arrogance led to some crucial mistakes in the first leg.


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