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GinaMarie FAKE!

GinaMarie: (this is what she said during the season on shyout outs  was her twitter ) REAL




Helen: (TBD)

Rachel Reilly on the Big Brother 15 Season Finale

Sep 19 2013, 12:16 PM by Rachel Reilly


Well, I think this HEADLINE is far better than the final 3 and the winner of Big Brother 15!

Big Brother - Will KirbyPhoto Courtesy of CBS

I always love to see how the jury deliberates about the houseguests. It’s one of my favorite parts of the season because we get to witness some houseguests think for themselves for the first time all season or we get to see if they are still brainwashed by other houseguests. This year the infamous Dr. Will from Big Brother All-Stars got to ask the houseguests questions about the final 3. I enjoyed how Dr. Will brought up REAL topics in the jury and even called some of the HG’s out on their statements that were hypocritical. Hello guys! This is Big Brother and you have to actually PLAY the game to win, so why not talk about that? This whole scene was a bit anti-climactic because we REALLY want to hear at least 1 HG bring up the fact that none of the final 3 really worked to get there. Instead, all we get is a slowly pieced together abstract idea of whom the houseguests dislike individually.

The first part of the final HOH competition is an amazing endurance competition, which involves the houseguests holding on to a rope swing and roller skating in circles! The comps this season have been enjoyable to watch and definitely had a new spin on some of the old comps. They look awesome and they are even more fun to watch! I would have LOOOOVED that final endurance competition. Roller skating around and hanging on for 500k! I WOULD KILL IT! Good for GinaMarie, sad that the final endurance competition lasted for a total of 25 minutes. I feel as if this is a solid reflection of the intensity we witness from the final 3 floaters competing for the win.

Then there’s a rock climbing competition with a puzzle twist. The second part of the HOH is definitely tough and requires the competitors to move quickly. Andy keeps falling and Spencer doesn’t even know if he can do the competition. If you’re like me you probably found yourself yelling at the TV and feeling slightly disgusted at the poor performances from these two. The competition looked hard but it also looked fun!

Then the moment of truth comes, the final HOH; questions about the houseguests! Andy and GinaMarie were perched high atop a traditional balance scale. This was seriously the coolest final HOH competition I have ever seen, especially when we see the scales begin to tip. I know this definitely would have made me more nervous, but I loved watching it. In case you forgot that you are behind in the MOST important HOH of the summer, the scales are there to remind you. Haha- LOVED IT! Andy wins, no shock there; as I am sure we ALL expected Andy to win but secretly hoped in the back of our minds that GM would snatch it out from under his pompous ego.

Big Brother 15 - WinnerPhoto Courtesy of CBS

The truly shocking moment of the finale was when Andy decided to take GinaMarie to the final two over Spencer. I suppose this is an appropriate finish for a player that turned his back repeatedly on every person in the house who was loyal to him. I thought FOR SURE he was going to take Spencer. Andy had been working with his red headed brother all summer and they were definitely brothers in their disgusting, vile behavior. The easy thing to do would have been to keep his promise that he had made to Spencer for a long time now and guarantee without a doubt, his win. Maybe he thought he had a better shot at beating GinaMarie in the final two since half of the jury hated her? Nonetheless, this decision came as a shock to me since most BB winners will tend to take the person who had won fewer competitions to the final two. I didn’t myself, but that was also because I made a promise to a friend/player and had never broken my promise in the game.

The jury member’s questions were pretty easy to the final two. I would have GRILLED them and REALLY asked them why they deserved to even be there. I would have asked questions more like what Amanda asked GinaMarie, but especially to Andy, who claims his game play was strategy? C’mon Waaahndy! Running and telling everybody everything that is going on, involves no strategy. Was crying after every eviction also part of the strategy? Was it really a strategy to play as such a floater, Andy? When did you decide that you were going to play as a floater? My only problem with Andy claiming this as his strategy is for the fact that the moment the Zingbot called him a floater, he reviled at the idea of ACTUALLY being a floater. So Andy; you went from being a floater, being so upset that you were called a floater and claiming that you were actually going to do something, to going right back to floating? This was your strategy? I would have preferred to see Andy just admit that he was a super floater and that he wanted to play that way all summer because he knew it was the smartest move in that house. GinaMarie seemed to ask people for the money because she wanted them to feel badly for her and then tried to basically bribe people to vote for her. I think if she had a more convincing argument for the house, she may have actually won a few votes.

Andy wins, but good news is Big Brother fans – ELISSA WINS AMERICA’S FAVORITE HOUSEGUEST! YAY SISTER! I have to say I’m a very proud sister! :) GO GIRL! WORK IT! I hope we get to see Elissa play on another season of Big Brother because she has won over the hearts of fans by proving that she is quite the Big Brother player in her own right. She won competitions, she got that fire in her eyes and she pulled out wins when it really counted. Especially in the end of the game, I was very impressed watching Elissa set aside her personal differences with Amanda and playing an unemotional game. Elissa played better than I did my first season, so maybe she did listen to me? LOL.

Big Brother 15 juryPhoto Courtesy of CBS

Thank you for reading my blogs all summer long and listening to the agonies of watching my sister on this crazy show. We can all now go unto the world and disconnect ourselves from the live feeds. Thank you Canada!

So who is ready to try out for Big Brother Canada? ;)

'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!

There's a write up for each cast member so you have to go to the page.

Spencer gets told about the police  going to his house. :ascared:

Union Pacific statement regarding Spencer Clawson's comments on the Big Brother reality television show

Sept. 18, 2013
Prior to Spencer Clawson being allowed to return from his Leave of Absence to active duty with Union Pacific Railroad, a formal investigation will be held under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to determine the facts involving Mr. Clawson's behavior on the Big Brother television show and online live feed. Based on the results of the investigation, Union Pacific will determine the appropriate action regarding Mr. Clawson's employment status.

Aug. 7, 2013
Due to the volume of feedback Union Pacific has received from the public about Spencer Clawson's August 5 comments on the CBS reality show Big Brother 15, the company wants to reiterate that it has taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show. Mr. Clawson took an unpaid leave of absence to participate on Big Brother 15. Union Pacific has notified law enforcement of Mr. Clawson's August 5 comments.

July 6, 2013
The values represented by Spencer Clawson's comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific's values. Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments.

Union Pacific is acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson.

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