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Has Nick Moved On To "Blonder" Pastures?


This is from one of the gossip websites, so take it for what its worth, but...

Big Brother’s Nick Uhas: Dating Kyle Keller?
Posted on September 18, 2013  by  Parisa Michelle   

“Big Brother” season finale airs tonight September 18, 2013. Finalist GinaMarie Zimmerman may or may not win the $500,000 prize — but one thing is for sure, she probably has not won the heart of her showmance interest Nick Uhas.

GM may be looking for a happy reunion with Nick and a possible wedding, but, we think Nick has perhaps moved on to even blonder pastures. The Big Brother contestant who lasted a couple of weeks in the house was recently spotted on the red carpet for the premiere of Boardwalk Empire, but he was not alone. He was on the arms of Kyle Keller. Kyle is best known for behind the scenes work for such reality shows as Keeping up with the Kardashians and Bad Girls Club.

When asked who he was rooting for to win, Uhas said he was on the Elissa, Judd, GM fan train until Elissa was voted out and he heard all that was said on the feeds.

Tonight’s Big Brother finale should be interesting, to say the least. Come back to CelebMagnet later tonight to find out who is the Big Brother Season 15 winner is.


Per this interview Nick says he's still single....so you be the judge...

Big Brother 15’s Nick Uhas Reveals His True Feelings About GinaMarie Zimmerman — Exclusive
by Alyse Whitney
Big Brother closes out Season 15 on Wednesday, Sept. 18 after one of the most shocking seasons to date. In addition to the controversial comments made by houseguests, BB15 was the season of the showmance, with more people pairing off than usual.

While many people focused on power couple “McCranda” (Amanda and McCrae), one non-relationship took the cake for most shocking: Final 3 contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman and her undying affection for Nick Uhas, who was eliminated in Week 2. From sobbing and screaming when he left, to freaking out when someone stole his hat and cuddling with his photo, to proclaiming they’d get married, it’s no secret that she’s smitten — and perhaps a bit obsessed — though they haven’t seen each other in months.

Since the duo will finally be reunited on tomorrow’s live finale, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Nick in New York City to clear the air. Below, he reveals the real story of their relationship, cautiously predicts their future, and explains what would have happened with their showmance if he stayed on the show.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Things were flirtatious with you and GinaMarie, but you were evicted in Week 2. If you had stayed in the competition, would we have seen a full-blown showmance?

Nick Uhas: It’s a tough question, and it’s yes and no. You’re spending so much time with this person, so just the convection alone speeds things up. From listening to them and caring about them, it becomes a relationship. Whether that becomes romantic is all about timing. Timing-wise, I obviously got evicted before anything came to fruition. It was a fauxmance that became a showmance and then I got evicted. I have a difficult time answering about how I feel because I’m not there right now. She’s in there, I’m out there, and I got cut off pretty much right away — right if and when anything was to happen.

Is there anything that happened behind-the-scenes, maybe more flirtation or you showing your feelings?

There’s a lot that people didn’t see! Right when I came out of the house, people were like, “Oh my god. I can’t believe the way that she’s reacting!” But what you didn’t see is that there were times, and I will fully admit it as a man, that I bawled my eyes out to her… twice! And nobody saw. Nobody saw. I was like weeping like a 4-year-old kid who spilled his milk. And GinaMarie even said this in the house and people denied her, saying, “That did not happen!” And I was like, “Oh s—t, that happened.” The house is so stressful that you need somebody to have your back. I didn’t know that, though. I was somewhat untrusting of everyone because it’s Big Brother, but right at the last second, literally the last day, I realized, “Oh, wow. She really has my back.”

GinaMarie is very loyal, so it’s clear she developed quite a crush and didn’t let go. For instance, she recently said she wants to marry you...

I will say this. I am a man of my word, but I’m also someone who knows this isn’t my first relationship. The house takes time and it crunches it, so if you’ve been thinking you’re into this person for an hour, the house makes it feel like it’s 96 hours. I’m so excited and happy to go on a date with GM, but yeah, I think we’re jumping the gun a little bit with marriage.

You are a very honorable man who will treat her right. But what if she wants to jump right back in it at the reunion?

I’ll be interested to see what happens. I’m excited to go, but I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen. I really don’t. I have no idea. So I’ll take it as it comes. Yeah, I will take it as it comes!

Your Monster Truck Rally date will be really fun, though!

I have wanted to do that from the get-go. We were talking about this on the hammock, and I’ve been wanting to go on a Monster Truck Rally date for a super long time. In fact, I already bought the tickets. We’re going, it’s in Philly. It’s the 14th row. They’re really good tickets, so it’s going to be awesome.

For us, one person is inside the house and in a world that is not the real world. I acclimated in the real world after maybe seven days, but I was also only gone for 21. It took me 33 percent of the time to acclimate, and she’s been gone for 90-something. So it will take her a month, or months, to acclimate to the real world. Once your brain gets back into real world mode, I think timing slows down, things adjust back to the way that things operate here, outside the Big Brother house. I’m not worried about anything at all because she’s a smart girl and she’s street smart. She’ll get it and she’ll understand. This is like Relationship 101: We built something, we had something, we’re not going to throw it away, but the rest is for the future to decide.

Well, I will say that if you’ve been dating in the past few months, I hope no one comes out and outs you!

Well, I’ll… I will say that I’m a single guy!

Hypothetically, if you had stayed, what would your power couple strategy have been?

It would have been to really stay separate publicly. To be able to operate on the back end. It was one of the things in the beginning with GinaMarie and me. Like, people aren’t necessarily onto us as a power couple, so let’s keep it that way. Keep it separate, keep it cool, play a public game separately, but know that we have each other’s back. It’s all strategy. GinaMarie had an in with different people that I did, and if the Moving Company wasn’t going to be loyal to me and she would, I’d go with her. With Amanda and McCrae, that’s how it happened. His loyalty became to Amanda and not Moving Company, so it could have split up and went down the road just like that.

You have to admit that in the beginning and throughout the competition, no one realized how good of a player she was. They underestimated her until the final weeks, and she probably has the biggest shot to win!

The one thing I have to say about GM, though is that she played such a super honest, hard New Yorker game, that I’m pretty stoked for GM. I’m all about GM right now. I mean, Final 3, GM? You’ve got my vote! Even when she got rid of Amanda and people were upset, I was cheering in my seat. I was like, “Whoa, this is awesome. You did it. You snaked them, got ‘em out — absolutely!” I’m all about it. She’s the loud New Yorker mouth that I, in my game, didn’t get to play. I like it.



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