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Starting my own Updaters Appreciation Thread!

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I know there is already a thread with appreciation from everyone for the updaters, but I want to take a minute here and thank them from me personally!

All the hard work that goes into Big Brother each year can easily be over looked, and I just want each and every one of the updaters to know how much I appreciate it, and how much everyone in the world appreciates it. We have people from all over the globe logging in every day just to look at what you guys have to say, and I know that can easily be over-looked. What you do is important, and we all here really love it.

Thank you so much to you all! Its been a great year because of you....we all know it wasn't because of this cast!! haha!

Thanks again


Thank you Rob that means a lot! :hugs:

Thanks Rob! And thanks for giving us all a place to call our 2nd home :)

Anytime Rob!

Except if we have another season like this one, LOL!  Then I may have to quit.  :funny:

MAY HAVE? Howie? umm did you not receive my papers :lol3:


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