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Yes 90 mins and we can say it's over finally!! :yess:

Here we go....

Julie welcomes us to the live season finale of Big Brother...

Previously on Big Brother

For most of the summer Amanda & Helen controlled the house

And got some of the biggest evictions

But when the time came to turn on each other

Amanda struck first

Feeling untouchable no one wa safe from Amanda

Until a group of outsiders teamed up

FIrst Aaryn went

Then Amanda

Then Elissa

And only one stood in their way

McCrae won the veto

Judd goes down

Andy wins HOH and Veto...

Seals McCraes fate

Andy, Spencer and GM only three remaining as they go to war...

Now after A summer of outrageous behavior

Crazy twists



And epic battles.

It all comes down to this....

Who will become the last HOH?

Who will the Jury vote to win?

yeah busting some :ass:

Julie once again welcomes us....

Before the night is through , either Andy, Spencer, or GM will face they jury.

The winner of the final HOH casts the sole vote to evict

The evicted HG will join the jury and then the jury will begin questioning...

To part 1 of the HOH....

DR sessions on the HOH comp.

Spencer wants to win so he can skip to part 3 and pick who is next to him

GM alliances don't matter at this point


Spencer is totally out of control, and is the first to fall

Spencer is out

Andy is worried facing GM because she is an endurance beast

Add some rain to the mix

Andy losing it

Here comes the foam....

Andy thinks he's got his act together

Hoping GM will slip

Andy falls off and he goes down

GM wins Part 1 on to Part 3 of her

Glitter rains down.

GM excited she can skip to round 3

Making a glitter angel

And swallows some



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