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Welcome to the Big Brother 15 Finale Night Discussion

The Champaign is on ice, and ready to be uncorked,  as we celebrate the end of Big Brother 15!
(And the craziest group of HGs we have ever seen!) 

Join Us Here Tonight at 9:30 PM EST

Who will win the Final HOH?  Who will they chose to take to the final 2?  What will Dr. Will have to say to jury?

Who will the jury choose as the winner?  And who will win America's favorite player?

We will bring you all the action as it unfolds, feel free to join the discussion with your thoughts and comments!
(But please keep it clean)

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Live from the backyard with Jeff after the BB 15 finale, at 11:15 PM EST

Want to join in the discussion tonight, and not a member yet?

We've got you covered!

Sign up here:

 :hug?: And we'll welcome you with open arms! :hug?:

The House Right Now:

GinaMarie Won HOH Part 1

Andy Won HOH Part 2

Andy & GM will face off live tonight in Part 3 of HOH


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