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TAR Canada - Season 2 gets the green light!

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--- Quote from: walkingpneumonia on September 17, 2013, 12:18:48 PM ---[...Will they go outside of Canada? My guess is they will,...

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They went to Québec.  :oh

But there are countless other parts of Canada they could still do - there are 3 provinces they didn't visit at all.  My guess is they stay in Canada for season 2.  Beyond that, they will likely have to travel abroad to keep it new and exciting.

Confirmed, Montgomery will host season 2.

Really enjoyed it! Canada has many cool places that I was able to see while watching this.

My guess is they'll go international. If this is going to be filmed in February, pretty much anywhere in Canada they'd go to would have snow, which might get tiresome after a while. But if they go to places like the Caribbean, Mediterranean Europe, or anywhere in the southern hemisphere, that'd be nice and refreshing for any Canadians watching the show who are getting tired of snow  :funny:

Looks like we will have a mix of international and Canadian travel for season 2!

"Your Team must be willing and legally be able to travel within Canada and around the world"


New ads were on today during tar!


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