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TAR Canada - Season 2 gets the green light!

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The eligibility requirements also say "Your Team must be available and willing to participate in the Race for a period of approximately thirty (30) days, on such dates to be determined by Producer in its sole discretion, with approximately twelve other Teams." Thirteen teams? Does that make any sense - even the original series has only 11. Does anyone remember last year's requirements?

last year it said something like approximately ten other teams,  but it was never specific like that.

Yeah nowhere on the site does it say anything about this being a Canada only race, and you need a valid passport, it's probably going international for at least part of it.

"Q: Will the race travel outside of Canada?
A: Stay tuned. We’ll share more information about the route closer to the broadcast. Keep checking this show page and the CTV Facebook page or follow @AmazingRaceCDA on Twitter to find out for the latest announcements."

Last season it said within Canada.


Anyone has any idea on this sighting? Commercial maybe?!

I noticed that too. It looks like Velina


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