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BB Recap Ep9 "Holly not so Jolly"
« on: July 30, 2004, 02:20:39 AM »
Holly's Not So Jolly

What appeared to be a highly contested week turns out to be a rout when Holly is evicted by a near-unanimous vote of 7 to 1. How did what seemed to be a 4 to 4 deadlock with Drew having to weigh in as HoH turn into this lopsided tally? One need look no further than the Spy Screen in the HoH room, as the Four Horsemen spy Jase kissing Holly, proving how sprung he is. That, coupled with his reticence to talk about it, makes it clear just how problematic the Holly-Jase situation has become. After Holly says her goodbyes, the HoH Competition is a test of endurance, and the new Head of Household has yet to be named.


Before the vote, the House remains divided as Jase pushes the Four Horsemen to rally behind Holly while Adria passionately campaigns to stay. Adria finds solace in the Bible, reading aloud to Diane while the Santa Monica Van Boys lounge out back and discuss their own views about God and BIG BROTHER 5. Jase is sure there is no God present: "Money is most evil, and what are we doing to get it but lying, cheating and deceiving?"

Karen and Will discuss with Adria how she can be saved. Karen is wary of getting out there on the stump because it would only show the strength of Adria's alliances. Knowing it is within her power to save herself, Adria begins to campaign heavily, first laying it on thick with Marvin, who really doesn't give her much to go on. Then she appeals to Michael, saying, "I'm just a little baby country girl," and really leans on him, adding, "Nobody knows what you vote."

Adria even goes into the HoH room and tries to deal with the Four Horsemen on their turf. Scott has a brainstorm and asks if A will leave the room, then the Four Horsemen get down to some hardcore strategizing. As a visual aid, they bust out lifesavers, with each lifesaver representing a HouseGuest and Holly being a Cheez-It. Jase gets extremely animated whenever Holly the Cheez-It is moved off the board, something that Drew can't help but comment on.
The tension around Holly escalates to a fever pitch as Drew calls Jase out in front of the Four Horsemen using extremely strong language and telling him off for saying Drew is not tough enough.


After Holly and Adria each make a case for why the other should go, Julie Chen reveals the surprisingly lopsided results of the vote that evicts Holly. Holly hugs her housemates--even Diane--and wistfully exits the House.

Jase has great difficulty after the vote and seeks solace by heading to the bathroom. Not only has he lost his cuddle bunny, but the vote wasn't even close, leaving him feeling alienated by not just those allied against him, but his own people as well.


In her interview with Julie Chen, Holly shows inner strength by neither breaking down nor lashing out, despite having to confront some harsh words from her nemesis Diane. And her reaction to the Adria/Natalie twist? Her jaw very nearly hits the floor as Julie rolls tape on the twins' goodbye.

As Adria and Natalie get closer to their goal, their deception becomes that much more problematic. In an effort to stay in the house Adria has busted out everything she's got, including using the bible to bolster her arguments. Holly suggests to Julie that Adria's strong-arm tactics may end up hurting her. "I wouldn't trust her," warns the freshly evicted HouseGuest.

The new HoH will just have to wait, as the remaining HouseGuests are embroiled in an endurance competition to see who can last the longest. In the backyard are life-size cutouts of all the of the HouseGuests, and in front of each cut out is a box with a light inside. Each HouseGuest must stand on the lighted box with feet behind a black line, lean forward and push a button positioned directly over their mouth as though they are shushing themselves. In order to keep the light on and stay in the game, each HouseGuest must keep their finger pressing down the button. If they release their hand, the light goes off, and they are eliminated. The last person to have their box lit up will be the new HoH.

"I Have a Secret" doubles as the Food Competition. Each of the first five HouseGuests eliminated will select an envelope from a tote-board, and in that envelope will be one of the five foods the HouseGuests will be eating that week.

Who will be the new HoH? Will Jase survive without his cuddle monster? And did Adria go too far to keep herself in, so that the introduction of Natalie will only seal their collective fates? To find out, tune in to BIG BROTHER 5 on Saturday at 9PM ET/PT

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Re: BB Recap Ep9 "Holly not so Jolly"
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2004, 02:34:04 AM »
7-1 vote!† **:)**† ^:)^† Cool that all but JAss voted UnJolly-Holly out the door.
I was awhoopin' and ahollarin!

Loved the look on her face as the Adria/Natalie twist was revealed to her! LMAO! A penny for her her first thought was how Jase will react when he finds out!!† ;D

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Re: BB Recap Ep9 "Holly not so Jolly"
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2004, 10:11:06 AM »
Good show!!!  Who do you think Diane will put up?

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Re: BB Recap Ep9 "Holly not so Jolly"
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2004, 11:44:07 AM »
If she has any sense, she would put up Scott and Jase. If Drew or CB gets POV then put the other up. I donít think she will put up drew so she could put up marv if CB gets POV.