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TAR 23 Ep 1 "We’re Not In Oklahoma No More"

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We're not in Oklahoma any more mirrors The Wizard of Oz. (in case anyone doesn't get the title) Oklahoma get lots of tornadoes, like Kansas. Comparing the start of the race to a tornado seems fitting to me. Lots of "flying" around. It might seem unreal, like you are over the Rainbow.
I don't know about munchkins?

Candi Lee:

          “We’re Not In Oklahoma No More” – With the Double Express Pass on the line, teams depart for their first destination, Iquique, Chile, where one racer must face their fear of heights, on the season premiere of THE AMAZING RACE, Sunday, Sept. 29 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Emmy Award nominee Phil Keoghan (@philkeoghan) is the host.

I need to say this first, I'm from Iquique and I've been in and out of this forum from a long time ago, until NOW, this is what happened in the first leg of the race, this is what happened when my dream of The Amazing Race coming to the city I was born came true, this was my amazing day.

Mix of course with what this forum was able to find.

The Amazing Race 23
LEG 1 Iquique, Chile.

Around June 7, I received some weird information about how people around me were being contacted by a production company to be in multiple locations to help in an unknown competition and nobody was able to say anything about it. Which sounded weird, specially since in this city happens close to nothing, and if something is going to happen EVERYWHERE and EVERYBODY knows what is going on. Also on June 9 a foreign helicopter was flying around and nobody knew what it was. Then it hit me, THE AMAZING RACE is coming to IQUIQUE for their first leg of season 23.

“Nobody knows much about it” was the key, and since people around me who were involved in it ask about it everyone got the same response every time, “I can't say anything, we just need to do it for an american production”. So then I contacted Peach who gave me flight info and everything was right, dates, arrival times, that's when we knew that Santiago was just a connecting flight. That is when I decided to take this once in a life time opportunity and try to follow them on June 10.


ROUTE INFO: Flight to Iquique, Chile.
According to airport sightings and flight info from the forum, the racers should be arriving between 11:00 and 12:00 to Iquique, Chile redirected from Santiago, Chile. (spoiler page:,28799.75.html )

Possible ROUTE INFO: Mercado Centenario, “Take a taxi to Alto Hospicio”.
According to and La Estrella Iquique (local news outlet) racer were spotted at “Mercado Centenario”.  Is possible they were ask to do something here besides getting the clue but I have no info on this except for what was written by (spoiler page:,28864.0.html EstrellaIquique:

ROADBLOCK: Paragliding task, “Alto Hospicio’s jumping platform” to “Playa Brava, Iquique”.
Local sightings and pics here:,28799.150.html
Because of the amount of local pilots and the legal rule that you can't jump by yourself without an instructor there is no chance both members of the teams could do this. Team mate would have to go back to Iquique via Taxi to meet in the landing spot.

ROUTE INFO: Take a taxi to “Muelle de Pasajeros” or “Gobernacion Maritima”
Teams would land on Playa Brava where they could take a taxi to the next task but is possible that there was a task or a clue box at “Parque Las Banderas”. I personally saw some camera crew at this place but couldn't take a picture at the moment or say exactly what they were doing there.
Parque Las Banderas:,28796.0.html
Gobernacion Maritima:

*ROADBLOCK: Boat task at “Muelle de Pasajeros”. “Find 5 Fish in a marked boat and hang them" in the other side of the Pier next to the Sea Lions of the promo.
Teams arrived by taxi at “Muelle de Pasajeros” that is right next to “Gobernacion Maritima”.
Pics sent to Peach:,28799.100.html

*PITSTOP: Plaza Pratt. “Make your way on foot to Plaza Prat"
Following a team I found Phil and the greeter at the Pitstop at Plaza Prat right next to “Teatro Municipal”
One team was waiting around Phil after another's team arrival to talk to them, they were not asked to comeback to the mat so there was no penalty, I speculate this involved the stolen taxi)

After every arrival they would be escort inside the “Teatro Municipal”.
Pics sent to Peach:,28799.100.html

It might not sound like it, but this was the most exciting day I've had in a long time, just waiting around the pitstop for the teams to the point where I was not willing to leave before the last team check in, watching Phil practicing his lines for the shoot, watching the pitstop disappear while there was no team coming. I was so happy to be close to an official TAR recording, having a clue box with a yellow and red flag almost 3 meters away from me, getting a picture taken with Phil, even picking up a piece of an envelope that fell on the ground.

I've been watching the show since season 7 when they were on Santiago for the first time and being a fan ever since so being able to be this close and contribute to this forum giving information to peach was incredible. It really was an Amazing once in a lifetime experience.

* Means I was present while this was happening at the time. Everything else was done by sightings and inside info I was able to get.

I know Iquique might seem underwelming for the start of a season or even to be in The Amazing Race and probably everyone will forget about this leg but I know for sure, June 10 is my most precious TAR moment that I will always remember and I can't wait to watch it on September 29.

I feel your excitement. I was in Plaza de Armas (leg2) just half an hour before the first team arrives and just missed it. I feel pure envy

Vitoko, what a wonderful write-up. And all that time you've spent here online paid off when your once in a lifetime opportunity came.
The first time I had heard of Iquique was during the live interactive filming of the original season of Around The World For Free with Alex Boylan (one of the winners of TAR 2) and he had to get to Iquique in order to get outside of an earthquake zone and reunite with his camera person in Santiago. (There had been an earthquake in the region right then.) So Iquique is the latest location Alex visited when he filmed ATWFF that TAR only came to later.
I'm looking forward to seeing your city in high definition in about 10 days when the season starts!


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