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Live Feed Updates Friday 9/13/13 - Wednesday FINALE DAY* 9/18/13

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wakey wakey time!! :yess:

HG up and in the living room

We had fish and now the 3 remaining HGs are giving the live feeders praise and hoping that they entertained us, made us laugh, cry. Spencer goes first. He talks about all the comps he's sucked at, they couldn't do all this stuff without us.

Andy says he thanks us for our dedication. It was an amazing experience. He really appreciates the updater's hard work, it's been a crazy 90 days. The worst competitions were the HN comps. He feared them more than the HOH comps. It was one of the worst things in the house to be a HN. He begs us not to vote for Elissa, do NOT vote for Elissa, she's a terrible player! Do NOT vote for her. (Spencer tells him that the voting probably ended last night.)

GM thanks us, she hopes they kept us smiling throughout the season. It's been crazy times, they wouldn't change it for anything. We'll see you on the outside! Thanks Fans! sends a shout out to Nick.

All three say Bye! Thanks! Andy: Please! I'm begging you not to vote for Elissa! Vote for David.

And with that the feeds have ended for Season 15.

for those that missed them blowing kisses at us live feeders while thanking us .. here ya go!! :barf

Thanks to our updaters who posted no matter how hard it was to do given the things they had to listen to, they still did their job. Thanks to our members and guests who support RFF. We appreciate each and every one of you!

See you next year!  :<3


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