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SURVIVOR 27 EPISODE 1 Discussion: "Blood is Thicker Than Anything" *SPOILERS*

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Wow, I think Brad Culpaper had one concussion too many...

Good episode so far. The tribal council set up looks nice !

Redemption Island looks really cool and Fierce to get out of......

Also, curious as to the immunity idols and how that will all go down.

I always wanted to be in their Art Dept.

First 6 mins, and the only couple who seemed like they really want to be there and play together / support one another is Rupert and his wife. That changed a lot of my opinion about him. Closely behind is Colton and his partner and Laura and her daughter... Gervase and his niece, they don't even seem like they have any close relationship at all -_-

And it's true, Kat and Hayden just wanna use their r/s to get onto the show and now Kat wants to beat him -_-

And Gervase wants to get rid of his niece. So much so for relationship and their contributing factor being a major part of the selling point of this season...

OMG. Voting out immediately, one from each tribe! Laura is the target because of Rupert. :'(

Candice voted out of the fans tribe. It's cruel.. but I'm not complaining LOL. (Please, I'm biased and don't take me seriously)

Rupert <3 But I'm glad he did that because seriously, Laura deserved an opportunity!


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