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We are back.

Jet and Dave mess up the detour again!

Velina mess up the detour

Tims dog being stubborn.

Tims finish detour first!

Clue make your way to:

O'Brien's Music Store.

Jet and Dave mess up the detour.

Velina mess up the detour. Vanessa gets mad at Celina.

Tims first at roadblock.

WHo needs to get their act together.

Street Preformer. Entertain crowd to get $50 dollars.

Celina Dave Jody and Tim Sr MUST DO THIS ROADBLOCK according to the instructions.

Brothers are now doing RB

Jet and Dave get the clue from detour!

Velina in last  :'(

Jody is telling people how he lost his legs in Afghanistan to get money. Clever!

People are giving him toonies ($2)

Velina trying it for the fourth time and mess up. Vanessa getting mad at Celina.

We are back. Velina redoing detour. So close but they failed again.

Jet and Dave at roadblock.

Jet and Dave used to be goths loL!

Sisters finally finish detour.

Vanessa and Celina both get the title quote!

Dave singing row row your boat.

Tim Sr has $16.

Jody has $38 Someone gave him $20!!!

Velina doing the roadblock (Celina). She takes a ribbon and hoola hoops. Vanessa says push the boobs out  :funny: :funny:

Vanessa is catching up $17 so far. Dave is struggling he has $6.


We are back.

Dave is funny!

Celina has $55 and is in lead.


Brothers finish and are catching.

Make your to way Cape Spear eastern most point in North America. Stunning Scenery.

Brothers first they beat the sisters fuk

Sisters in second.

Brothers. Prize: Air Canada 100k status for a year

Brothers now get to call their family using blackberries.

Tim Sr has $46

now $50 and is headed to pitstop.

Jet and Dave last! OMG

Jet and Dave still at $40


Footrace to pitstop. Tims get their first!

Jet and Dave are eliminated.

Reminds me of what happened to Andy and Tommy.

Dave is emotional.

Next time; Toronto! and finale.

Jon says we haven;t seen the last of you! Highlight package of them smells like all stars if it comes in the future.

At L tower they must repel from the top floor (the building is still under construction).

 Toronto Zoo ! Centre Island! no new locations I spotted. Maybe Union Station (idk)

Jet & Dave :torche My prediction to win :torche

If Valina don't win this would be, seriously, the worst F5 boot order ever.

Jet & Dave for All-Stars <3

The one thing that came out of this that was good is that Valina got their highest placement yet <3 Keep going up up up up up <3


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