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--- Quote from: walkingpneumonia on July 22, 2013, 07:18:17 PM ---IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.
SO!! If you are watching anything but the CTV feed, it is your responsibility to be sure you are not ahead of us if you want to post/update in this thread. 
 SO PLEASE ** NO  OUTCOMES ** to be posted before the show is done airing East Coast time! 
Anyone breaking the rule is at risk of being banned.  :browsie:
And NO future spoilers either!
Otherwise, come watch with us for the best weekly viewing party in town!! :party:
We will have a LIVE streaming video posted every week we can find one. So if you are overseas or just on the West Coast and want to watch right away...please join us! You can follow along and PLEASE help update as the show unfolds! We hope everyone will join in the fun!! :wohoo:
LIVE STREAMING VIDEO links will be  HERE and will normally be put up about 20 minutes before show time.
And you can entertain yourself with the spoiler threads as well while you wait! **Spoilers**
Have FUN everyone and :tu for joining us!!

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Noticed all the 9's.

9the episode, 9th day of 9th month at 9pm!


--- Quote from: Leafsfan on September 09, 2013, 05:18:34 PM ---Noticed all the 9's.

9the episode, 9th day of 9th month at 9pm!

--- End quote ---

Freaky :O I will catch up tomorrow! Have fun watching  :cheer:

I missed the beginning but run to a shuttle.

Jody and Cory first. Jet and Dave second vanessa third tims 4th. (who are tied for last)

Go to after overnight drive:

St Johns Terry fox Monument.

11 hour shuttle.

Route info:

Memorize the inspiration quote behind the statue. Quidi Vidi NFLD then find a kitchen something (Quid Vidi Brewing Company)? Kiss cod and drink Rum. So they have to memorize then drive there and recite the poem.

Jet and Dave second. They get a taxi driver on her fourth day in NFLD LOL!

Jody and Cory mess up in the reciting of the quote.

Sisters and Tims arrive in St Johns. Velina get the taxi first right ahead off the tims.

Jody and Cory are headed back to the monument because they couldn't remember the quote!

We are back. Jody and Cory just gets an ahaha moment and they go back and get the quote.

They need to go on their knees. They kiss the fish and drink the rum.


Make your way to:

Shea Heights Overlook

Velina and Tims arrive at statue at same time. Another confessional from beginning from the Tims.

Jet and Dave arrive at Brewing company.

They get it on their first shot. Jet and Dave do their dance LOLOOOL

Jody and Cory gret to the overlook


Wag a tail

Tell a tale

Storyteling petty harbour. Memorize story, cross dock and tell the story to locals to get next clue.

Wag a tail make your way to Harbourside park. Deliver eggs and milk on Heart Attack hill (known to locals as such) when delivery is done well they will get their next clue.

Both sisters and Tims get the reciting of the clue on their first shot.

Sisters are next to kiss fish and drink rum.

Cory and Jody doing wag a tail.

Sisters and Tims doing the fish together. Vanessa puts lipstick on to kiss the fish lOOL!

Jet and Dave do the tell the tale detour.

Brothers struggling with detour and deliver first address.

TIms do wag a tail

Sisters do tell a tale.

so even split in who is doing what. Jet and Dave have a bad taxi driver. Sisters caught up to Jet and Dave and passed them! They are in second.

They arrive at the same time though.

Its hard to understand the story! lol

Girls being chased by Jet and Dave. Jet and Dave beat them to the locals because of Celina. Jet and Dave mess up at recalling the story.

They run back to get the story again.

Sisters now doing the story. Sisters mess up and are doing it again.

The tims dog just stops in the middle of the road and refuses to move.

Jody and Cory do not have a enough eggs...



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