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Live Feed Updates Monday 9/9/13 - Thursday Eviction Day 9/12/13

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We believe the live feeds will be off until after tomorrow night's show on the West Coast.
While we wait, why not join us in the discussion threads!
Now is a wonderful opportunity to give us your viewpoint! :waves:

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Eviction and HOH Spoiler: Show content Judd Evicted , Andy New HOH , HOH was Before and After 

We expect the feeds to be most likely down until after the West Coast airing.


Based on the banner on the Live Feed pages (see below) the feeds will resume at 9PM PT

That would be Midnight EST

Lets lock this thread down and move on over the last thread of the BB15 season!!  :conf:  http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,29392.0.html#lastPost


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