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Live Feed Updates Monday 9/9/13 - Thursday Eviction Day 9/12/13

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Amanda Evicted on a tie breaker by Gina Marie 3-2

McCrae won HOH Go Fetch

McCrae nominated Elissa and Gina Marie

Judd won POV BB500

Judd did not use the POV

Elissa Evicted 3-0

Spencer won HOH- Pixel This

Spencer got to dish out  "Prizes" as the HOH winner  to the HG's

McCrae and Gina Marie received  Friendship Gift are handcuffed for 24 hrs-Completed

Judd received Health Gift had to do Military Exercises every time a whistle blew for 24 hrs-completed

Andy recieved Wealth gift  with a shot at winning $5000 but only won $94.83

Spencer Nominated Gina Marie and McCrae to be on the block

McCrae won POV

McCrae used the POV on Himself

Spencer put Judd up as replacement nom

Andy Crae and Spencer ralking about whether or not to tell Judd he is leaving

GM painting her duck

Ok I'm here for BBAD...a reminder, I will not post if they start bashing, just FYI

Judd, McCrae, Andy and Spencer in HOH

Wondering if there has ever been a gay guy in final three

GinaMarie painting her duck at the dining table

Spencer stepped out of HOH to check on GM, she doesn't feel good, hands shaking, think it's from the tentaus shot she got.

Judd leaves HOH

The 3 guys still debating on who to evict. The mentally broken Judd or the physically broken GM


HOH gang chat keeps changing every second

Did talk about America's Favorite Player, they are griping that Elissa probably will get it and don't think she deserve it. Sorry, boys, she's gonna get it and get over it already

Now talking about Aaryn

HOH bashing going on....not listening


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