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The Remaining BB Season Schedule


Here is a quick rundown of what to expect for the remaining time of Big Brother Episode wise (After 9/12, other than start times, episode summary is based on prior years):

9/8, Sunday - HOH winner and Noms

9/11, Wednesday - POV comp, POV Meeting, Eviction, and New HOH

9/12, Thursday  - POV Comp, POV meeting, Live Eviction, and Part 1 of the Final HOH begins

9/15, Sunday (Special Start Time 8:30 PM ET) - Reflection of the Season Show with the Final 3

9/18, Wednesday (Special Start Time 9:30 PM ET) - Big Brother 15 Finale (Part 1 HOH Winner, Part 2 HOH played(taped), Part 3 HOH played live, Winner of the HOH comp decides who to send out, Jury Vote, and Winner)

We will have the feeds blocked quite a bit coming up shortly. (Yay for the updaters!) Starting with the next eviction for Wednesday which will probably be taped sometime on Tuesday, the feeds will be blocked and won't be back until late Wednesday after the show on the West Coast, my guess. It could be up to 30 hours with no feeds.

The feeds may be down quite a bit, we'll have to see how it goes.

Also: A former "Big Brother" winner makes a surprise visit to the house Wed...

So we know the TV Schedule, but what about the House Schedule...

Based on prior years, and sources:

(All Times EST, unless otherwise noted)

 Tuesday 9/10 - BBAD Taping,
 5pm(BBT Time) eviction show taping, HOH comp
 Wednesday 9/11 - Nominations and veto comp,
 CBS 8pm taped eviction show, feeds back shortly after

 Thursday 9/12 - CBS 9pm live veto meeting, eviction, Final HOH part 1 endurance

 Saturday 9/14 - Final HOH Part 2,
 Possible jury deliberation taping...

 Sunday 9/15 - CBS 8pm Season Reflection Show

 Wednesday 9/18 - CBS 9.30pm Finale: Final HOH Part 3, final eviction, jury questions and voting


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