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Starting this one early, because they are the grunt force, having to deal with the garbage that is left in that house, and yet they still soldier on, through vomit, profanity, genitalia,  borborygmi, etc.

 :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf:

:hugs: Thanks A1mamacat!

The updaters are superhuman pillars of strength and integrity for not posting the garbage spewed and giving these leftover heathens a voice !!!!!!!!!!

The winners have already left the house.

We appreciate the love.

it really is a labor of love, even though sometimes you hate the people. LOL!

You guys are awesome!  Recently I've only been able to tolerate skimming the updates.  I have no idea how you all manage to watch the feeds and post about them.


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