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Live Feed Updates Friday 9/6/13 - Sunday 9/8/13

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JUdd and Andy discussing who has a chance to win the half million and both say they think Spencer does because of his record times of being on the block

Judd GM does because of all the girls in jury

Andy I think you and I stand the best chance against each other because I dont know who would win

Judd yeah I agree it is a toss up

Judd Crae told me yesterday that he was gonna try and get you put on the block instead of me

Andy I want Crae out worse than anyone

Judd me too I dont trust him because he was my best friend in the house and he never warned me they were coming after me

Andy doesn't look too happy about Judd telling him that Crae wants Andy on the block instead of JUdd  :funny:

Andy is feeding Judd lies and Judd is buying it...nothing else going on  :waves: I will be back later


Everyone but GM is outside...random chatter

talk of the show "Weeds" in the BY

GM is asleep


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