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Live Feed Updates Friday 9/6/13 - Sunday 9/8/13

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Amanda Evicted on a tie breaker by Gina Marie 3-2

McCrae won HOH Go Fetch

McCrae nominated Elissa and Gina Marie

Judd won POV BB500

Judd did not use the POV

Elissa Evicted 3-0

Spencer won HOH

Spencer got to dish out  Punishments from HOH  to 3 HG's

McCrae and Gina Marie are handcuffed for 24 hrs

Judd has to do Exercises every time a whistle blows for 24hrs

Andy had a shot at wining $5000 but only won $94.00

Spencer Nominated Gina marie and McCrae to be on the block

Trivia for the NEW HOH

Reminder BBAD doesn't come on for another Hour!

Leaving us with this group of vile nuts you would think they would let us watch HOH! I could care less!  :groan:

still trivia!

andy pacing in the house  no HOH key around his neck


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