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"Talia and Koby" HaMerotz LaMillion 3 **WINNERS**

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I wonder if that task would've been any less painful for all the teams if it had happened during the day...

HaMerotz LaMillion 3 was notable to me because it had a /very/ unusual Roadblock/Detour scheme. Neither in leg 2, two in a row with just a Detour, then two in a row with only Roadblock(s), followed by a leg with TWO Detours.

This is also the race with the least amount of overall Roadblocks, having only seven. I know that during season 1, racers were still limited to doing only seven Roadblocks each (Even though there was only 10). Was there a different limit for you guys during this season?

And was there any country you were really hoping to go to that you didn't?

Koby and Talia:
As I mentioned before - the Israeli version is more of a soap than an action series.
I think the producers are less inclined to have roadblocks, as these involve only one team member, which is less interesting - in their opinion.
We were limited to 6 roadblocks each.

We thought the race course would be much as it was - except for Morocco. We really wanted to go there (Talia is adequate in Arabic). We actually found out that they were thinking about it but decided against it.


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