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"Talia and Koby" HaMerotz LaMillion 3 **WINNERS**

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Please join me in welcoming Koby and Talia to RFF!

We are so excited to hear anything they can share about their experiences!!  :hearts:

 :bigwelcome from Singapore. Wish I understood Hebrew. The race seems interesting (but a bit long)!

Koby and Talia:
Happy to be here  :ghug:
Regarding the length - Rumor has it that the american format owners were skeptic regarding the Israeli racers' ability to withstand our super long legs. Evidently - we can!
We have only one season each year (compared with 2/Y in the US) - so more episodes are somewhat expected (although the Australian one is also 1/Y?).
The most important explanation for our long season, is that the Israeli race is more about characters and character development than about the race itself. It is a cross between a soap and an action series.

Koby and Talia:
We scanned through the US racers QA thread and these are our answers to some of your questions:
Pack weight - Talia 9Kg, Koby 10Kg. Including Water and food supplies.

Race preparation -
It is important to note that we were not sure we were "in it" until a few days before it started.

We took a personal P.E. trainer that trained us for multiple scenarios (cross fit training) - strength, stamina, balance and most importantly identifying breaking points and over coming them. We think it was marines methodology, but then again - they all claim that  blahblah

Koby was in charge of equipment - and you only receive a vague description of what you should bring along with you (no they do not tell you to bring a headlight with you. some of them actually didn't  :oh). We used "super trail" equipment lists to compile what we needed to take with us - as they are usually targeted at cross-functionality and low weight.
Equipment worth noting - we ran with dry food (also referred to as GORP) so we would not have to think about food. We had Talk powder, that enabled Koby to make the final cable car climb (not mentioned in the episode, but you can see it on his hands, coming down the second time) and a cord that doubled as a spare shoe lace and as a drying line for laundry.
As much of outfits as we could manage were dry fit, as in the Israeli version you do not know when the pit-start will be.
Equipment we wished we had with us and didn't think to bring along - protein powder, as Talia is a vegetarian.

Mental preparation -
This one is obvious - we watched, and analyzed, all US seasons and available international versions.

We debated learning Spanish but, unfortunately, decided that costs were amounting to "too much".

Hey guys! Luv ya! Was rooting for you the whole time! You were some of the most sweetest and lovable racers, even if I could barely understand you :P

I was wondering what those little necklaces are that all the teams wear? I'm guessing microphones, but if so, they seem like really odd microphones :I

About how long after your arrival did Romi & Coral show up? How about Ma'ayan & Bat-El?

What would you say were some of your most favourite tasks from the race? What were your least favourites (Besides eating the meat?)

And finally, I thought I'd let you know that I just finished your page on the wiki!


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