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Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 9/5/13

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GM finding Elissa's stuff

Andy is the DR

Boys still playing BS

gm packing elissa's stuff for her

 spencer being rude and disgusting

 boys are playing bullshit

Heading to bed Ugot & KK!  :waves: 

I'll see you ladies tomorrow night!

spencer i say we should all put on elissa's underwear and run around the house and say i'm a bitch..

this is what's being said over and over

production is finally getting quicker on the button because they know they are being severely rude about elissa and her family

 spencer mocked elissa for saying her and her husband dont get into fights

nite howie! :waves:

mccrae to teh DR

 the exterminators are having a happy fest over elissa  leaving

gm i wasnt even nervous

gm what mother fucker tables have turned that she was begging you to use it on her.. that's called karma bitches.. check it!


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