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Live Feed Updates Wednesday September 4th

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Candi Lee:
E & Amanda talking about needing to win hoh

amanda was rolling over and dying it was crae that encouraged her to talk to E and is so grateful to her for forgiving her

Candi Lee:
amanda .. its going to be the biggest eviction since the nick eviction

E .. no one is going to see it coming i bet our season is insane

now talking about how Judd is dangerous

back in the HOH GM is going to fuck E's asshole after amanda is evicted

judd spencer andy there too

their scared E will win HOH but there is always veto

andy says that if Crae wins hoh they have to play up that E flipped not him

they think that E's jewlery is fake

Candi Lee:
andy cant wait till thursday

laughing  that amanda will shit her pants and leave with E's ring

Candi Lee:
E and amanda heading inside, E's surprised judds not out there

they say they will say they were talking about amanda apologizing

Candi Lee:
HOH amanda bashing

Judd hates E and Amanda ( i think he called amanda a whore )

GM if DE they can hold hands walking into jury were going down in history

GM going to check on her cake

Spenc to the DR  :yess:


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