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Live Feed Updates Wednesday September 4th

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GM im gona tell elissa she has to work with me or i will put her ass u p  again.. .... if i get HOH

 gm we have to tell her to work with us with 4 people or one person

  man GM has more than HOH ittis!

amanda  cooking

 elissa  have you ever  met guys like that before

 amanda yeah like spencer in the beginning i was like whoa..

 cue spencer to the kitchen.. all game talk ends..

Nothing going on up in HOH

HG's got playdoh

amanda is making sugar cookies

mccrae is making a playdoh Veto  and we get fishies.. betcha BB is telling him to put it back :lol3:

mccrae amanda is not wearing her dress incase its athletic..

mccrae is  taking one of the dental dams as a souvenir

mccrae i dont believe no oine is questioning it.. i guess with that huge blow up last week no one would think

 andy yeah

 mccrae and we'll go into that  DE as 4 strong.. it's soo cool

 andy i know.. we just have to wait till it happens.

Mccrae thinks elissa and ANDY are voting out spencer , however Andy is voting out Amanda  and lied to mccrae


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