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Live Feed Updates Wednesday September 4th

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Aaryn Evicted 5-0

HOH Comp- Hopportunity

Gina Marie Won HOH

America Voted and by 69% chose that the HG's who came in last have to wear a Chicken suit for 48 hours

Judd and Spencer Have to wear Chicken outfits-Completed

Luxury Comp on Friday Spencer won $10,000

Thursday Live Double Eviction

Gina Marie Nominated Amanda and McCrae

McCrae won POV

McCrae used POV on himself

Gina Marie Nominated Spencer

Spencer and Amanda are on the Block and up for Eviction 

Candi Lee:
GM made a cake going to check on it

amanda and E on the BY hammock still going over who said what and who pushed whos buttons , talking about amandas behavior

E saying her concern is children watching BB and amandas actions that if someone was treated like that in highschool they would commit suicide

Amanda basically disgusted with  herself and the way she acted and its all caught on tape amanda hopes she forgives her

E .. i wasnt even listening i was scared

Candi Lee:
andy spencer GM in HOH

andy excited to move forward wanting to win hoh never wanted anything so much in his life

spenc me too

GM going to be awesome

Andy cant wait to see GM break the tie

GM .. get a steppin!!

GM saying its going to be the best

Andy saying how Amanda said E told her everything that its going to feel so good to outplay her

Spencer a little nervous

Andy.. u have nothing to be nervous about

spenc saying that hes  going to be sitting next to her when she explodes

andy doesnt want us to think that hes mcrandas puppet also saying that he has got amanda this far

GM to DR

Candi Lee:
spenc andy going to keep crae and E from winning HOH

spenc admires judd's nuts

andy going over scenarios if who gets hoh and on and on and on ..

Candi Lee:
E and Amanda on hammock still about the past

E really wanted kaitlan to stay thought she could have worked with her

E regrets nothing in the game, its a crazy game

it bothers amanda that people are making deals with mccrae and shes not even gone

Amanda she can trust as far as she can throw him she can only trust E and Crae

E just wants to do the best in this game , shes never been in this situation always had a family .. never had flaky friends and feels most people have ..

Amanda.. all they talk about is loyalty , andy you crae are the only ones that ever have been loyal to me you'll see i will do anything you'll see

E has never felt any connection with anyone except mcranda and judd thinks helen is a very nice woman

how in the beginning it was her and mcranda and hopefully at the end too


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