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I think I figured out the Final "Memory" challenge (TARC 1)

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So I was watching the Nova Scotia leg of the race last night and a light bulb suddenly clicked in my head as to what the final leg "Memory" challenge may be should they have it.

First, can you spot it?
Kelowna, British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Nova Scotia

At first I had thought it was maybe something to do with the Provincial and Territorial flags as we can see a large picture of them on the clues whenever they go to a new Province/Territory. But that's too easy. We grow up in Canada learning these.

But then I noticed on the lapel of the greeter in Nova Scotia a flower. It stood out more because it's a fisherman. They don't normally wear flowers.

Pacific Dogwood - British Columbia

Wild Rose - Alberta

Fireweed - Yukon Territory

Western Red Lily - Saskatchewan

Blue Flag Iris - Quebec

Purple Saxifrage - Nunavut

Mayflower - Nova Scotia


Yeah, it might be. I always think that 'memory challenge' will be something with the greeters.

Think you got it!

Check the greeter of the next leg:

Where's the flower on the Yukon Territory woman? Is it in her hair? :S

Yeah, took me a little while to find the flower in the Yukon. It's in her hair, left hand side.

Newfoundlands Provincial flower is the Purple Pitcher Plant.


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