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Live Feed UPdates Tuesday 9/3/13

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no idea

outback talking about Movies again

BB is shocked I suppose  :funny:

All feeds on Crae in the shower

All girls in KT cooking Elissa still complaining about her leg

Judd Spencer and Crae in BY just chatting

Candi Lee:
i can jump in an hour  :waves:

E and amanda on hammock talking about each other and about their feuds , amanda saying she will never lie to her

E saying amanda was getting in her face she was laughing because it was so crazy

Amanda .. biggest regret have to face it when i get out of here

E knows her husband is older than her but he supports and loves him uncondtionally every thing she ever wanted her best friend

amanda saying how she went nuts feels horrible and will always regret it

E says she was scared that she had to be in a house with someone that was unstable

on the BY couch GM visibly upset


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