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Live Feed UPdates Tuesday 9/3/13

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Aaryn Evicted 5-0

HOH Comp- Hopportunity

Gina Marie Won HOH

America Voted and by 69% chose that the HG's who came in last have to wear a Chicken suit for 48 hours

Judd and Spencer Have to wear Chicken outfits-Completed

Luxury Comp on Friday Spencer won $10,000

Thursday Live Double Eviction

Gina Marie Nominated Amanda and McCrae

McCrae won POV

McCrae used POV on himself

Gina Marie Nominated Spencer

Spencer and Amanda are on the Block and up for Eviction 

Crae walking the BY talking to Elissa and trying to play nice with her

Amanda Spencer Judd and GM all in the bed..

Kitkat is headed that way too  :waves:

I'm here for BBAD

Andy, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie napping

Amanda reading bible in bed

Elissa and McCrae talking in BY Elissa sitting in hot tub, McCrae pacing

Both saying they are very nervous at this point. Elissa is getting ulcers from the stress.

Elissa out of hot tub, has a towel wrapped around her and now sitting on BY lounge with McCrae who is smoking

They are stressing on F2 scenarios and the bitter jury

Andy and Spencer are up from their naps

Spencer outside talking with Elissa and McCrae

Andy goes in SR to change his batteries

Judd now up and joins the BY


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