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Live Feed Updates Monday 9/2/13

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Elissa and GinaMarie going over dates, they are not remembering everything right

guys just scattering around

McRanda showering in HOH

GM and SP in hammock, andy pacng around

GM telling andy and spencer that Spencer said he would go up and take one for the team and El responded..  ahhh  thats so sweet!  So she says they are good ith El.  she told El that since she is getting AM out this week than if she wins HOH she needs to get MC out next week and she is down for that.

Spencer says he doesnt want her to win HOH and she doesnt want MC to win HOH

Sp says Am is in love with the kid?  it don't matter one is as good as the next.  He likes Mc enough he doesnt want to kid to go out on the biggest bonehead move

Andy, i know, i know, me too

Amanda and  McCrae done showering in HOH, now back downstairs in WR brushing hair, etc

GM, Spencer and Andy chatting outside

Don't know where Judd and Elissa is

GM talking about Am always wanting to talk to her and she says after tomorrow she has no power anymore

Sp then its campain season

Gm if she keeps talking to me then im gonna tell her I cant vote so your talking to the wrong person.  and noting changes believe me.  push and not budge she was begging, i mean begging, i was lucky she wasnt on her knees kissing my feet.

Sp every week she was up ther ein the hoh room telling them to put me up

GM me too, aaryn, idiot, i know what...  gonna come cuz shes almighty queen beed but theres only gonna be 1 queen bee and 3 kids and thats me and i got 3 kings

sp im the king, he's a jack

GM hes a joker

switch to BR An/MC/Am

andy whenever i walk into the room they stop talking

back to hammock

SP talking about aaryn

GM she says you know how great it woould be for AA to see El walk in the door, im like im not playing for AA honey

AM out to hammock -

Am an walks into the Rainbow room and El and Ju weresitting this close to each other and they stopped talking and they do that multiple times so they are like 150% working together

GM laugh are you serious...

Am i swear i can swear to you on y lifethat how positive i am

AN walks out, AM to An

AM werent they just whispering each other on the bed, swear on your life they are working together

AN I mean...i would not risk my life but it seems like a lieklyhood

AM they're working together soo..  they are keeping a secret for a reason i dunno seems sort of shifty to me, at least you know who im working with

Gm who you working with  hahaha

GM andy you be run in like 5 min im gonna kick your ass

AM and AN go back in house

GM  GM shaking her head
Sp at least you know who i am working with

AN back out

An she was like freaking out cuz JU and El were stting on the bed and she was just freaking out

BB andy put on your mic

AN it is

SP why did she go in the RR?

GM i know its not even her room anyway

GM trying to get andy to do something about the beds and get someone into the hall way, not sure what exactly or who cuz they are cussing and getting blanked out

AN Judd, come sleep in the hallway, ill see what i can do..  ill take one for the team

Amanda, McCrae and Andy at BY lounge. Amanda venting to Andy that she thinks she is leaving this week.

GM and Spencer still hammocking figuring out how to tell McRanda that she is not putting Elissa up.


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