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Live Feed Updates Monday 9/2/13

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Judd do you think that Amanda is gonna go nuts this week

Crae no I think she is kind of done cause she won't get out of bed and I can't campaign for her it puts me in a terrible position

Judd yeah

Crae yeah I can't campaign cause it would piss Spencer off so I can't and I kind of knew it was gonna be like this with her because she had a tendency to piss people off

Crae I came here cause I love BB and I am not gonna give up

Judd I need someone because Elissa isn't gonna want to be here with all guys

Judd I dont have any F2 deals with Elissa but she talked to me about working and stuff though

Andy out and says he believes GM doesn't have a deal with Elissa

Judd Elissa talks about all the time how she loves women and how she encourages women

Crae Elissa doesn't want to be here with all guys

Andy it is vastly down because the guys were outnumbered

Crae that is a testament to how good we are or how stupid they are

Judd it is because girls hate each other

Crae If I had to do it over i would make an alliance with a girl and take her to F2

Judd I am ready for this to be over and see what home is like

Crae me too I want like 3 DE

out comes Amanda

Crae goes in to get ice cream

Amanda tells Judd and Andy that she will be sleeping alot over the next couple of days and tells JUdd to tell her if he is voting for her because she doesn't want Crae and Andy voting for her if he is not

Elissa comes out and says it is 8:15

Andy I wonder at the end of a season they regret casting anyone

Amanda I am sure...we are positive that CBS regrets the whole cast for this season  :groan:

Amanda Nick is gay and he never flirted with me

Andy he flirted with me

Amanda GM is gonna be in for a rude awakening

Amanda GM is so delusional that she compares her and Nick's relationship to mine and Crae's and they never had a relationship

Crae the MC could never operate with GM on top of Nick

Judd goes back to bed

Elissa goes in as well

Crae says he is trying to get close to Judd and he said he is not voting to keep you

Amanda why wouldn't he tell me then

Andy if i get HOH I am gonna put up Elissa and Judd

Crae I also told him I was worried about Andy and he tried to make it look like he was throwing Elissa under the bus


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