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Live Feed Updates Monday 9/2/13

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GM, Amanda and McCrae in HOH

GM told them she is not putting up Elissa.

Amanda and GM going back and forth


AM feeling something is going on.  everyone knows im tryng to get her as the replacement nom she obviously knows, and she seems perfectly calm...  why..  cuz she knows she's safe  and spencer is playing both sides..  well so just be where of that if i go.  you're gonna go up toorrow  She is out here and she is the biggest liar saying getting rid of me is gonna be the biggest mistake obviously we weren gonna get rid of you.  but they're whispering i know.El the other day walked over talking shit about me in front of spencer if she wasnt comofrtable telling him stuff about me i think that once i go it's gonna be 2 against 2, the four of them against the 2 of you. thats what i think.  im sorry to offer you collateral ill give yout aht coin my mom gave me (Judd) like he wants to make it seem like he wants to keep me here and whispering, im not stupid  if i dont hav ethe numbers thats fine i dont sit here looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, im gonna be optimistic. but i that thats the case. hoh i think u 2 will be going and spencer is good  because he is voting with both.  it doesnt make sense that she would put both me and mc up  :knuckles: you were  power duo, nope doesnt make sense.  i think she wants to make it seem shes not working with El which is why she's saying potentially gonna put her up but i think that she is (working with her), she was in that room for a long time right in her face and now she's coming up with Sp

switch to GM/Sp

GM if anything ill tell them it might be you or judd, should i tell them that

SP no

Gm ok.  I dont think he's gonna use it on her he's is too stupid, he's so stupid.

SP if you want to i can tell them that you you are gonna put me up that way they know its not el

GM cuz im not allowed to tell you that im putting you up kind of thing, if i didnt tell you kind of thing, you..  let them think its between you and andy.    just be like oh i think she's putting me up, i mean she did it before..  not to make me look that much of an asshole

SP im gonna get up nd go over there not

GM if she says, did she tell you 100%

SP she alluded to it??

Gm yea  i should go talk to him now and tell him im not putting up el and then they'll come talk to you and you can say that uh..  you dont even have to tell them that.  i dont really have to tell you anything, i really dont, i really dont, i mean what do you owe me that i have to tell you that, im trying to be nice not be a hard ass.i dont wanna be a liar tell them im gonna put her up and dont, i dont have to tell them anythign.

(i am behind trying to catch everything, i cant hear crap)

back to AM/MC/An

AM if she was gonna put SP up, she wouldnt be spending this much time with him, im sorry, if she is gonna put him up, whatever theyre talking about now.  shes gonna put him up and he knows he's safe kinda think.  he knows


SP im gonna go in, you gonna talk to them

GM im gonna go upstairs and see if they come up by the time i walk insid they'll be you wanna talk

SP get it out of the way

Gm im gonna prewarn El first just so she doesnt go wild

SP she wont

GM no sooner then stands up and AM says..  Gems, you wanna talk now? 

GM yea you wanna come upstairs

am yea

gm ok cool

AN sp stay out ehre and keep me company while i run

Amanda very upset and is very vocal talking to GM

McCrae just sitting there taking it all in

Amanda and GinaMarie still going at it


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