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Live Feed Updates Monday 9/2/13

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Aaryn Evicted 5-0

HOH Comp- Hopportunity

Gina Marie Won HOH

America Voted and by 69% chose that the HG's who came in last have to wear a Chicken suit for 48 hours

Judd and Spencer Have to wear Chicken outfits-Completed

Luxury Comp on Friday Spencer won $10,000

Next Thursday Live Double Eviction

Gina Marie Nominated Amanda and McCrae

McCrae won POV

Andy is getting called out by production ...what part of stop don't you understand

Spencer after I go on the block if they come up here trying to pull some shady shit let me know

GM I will...maybe they will come u here at around 10 tonight but wait if yall are all coming up here

Spencer tell them you took into consideration everything she said but Elissa is not going up

GM I have no alliance with Elissa and i know she is looney tunes and I know she has money and doesn't need to be here but for now she needs to be here for me

Spencer if she doesnt deserve to be here why did you protect her

ok I am done  :waves: someone will be here soon I hope  :ghug:

Specer just tell her that it is a game and I have to split you 2 up and I am not putting Elissa up and i am not telling you who I am putting up

GM she will put up one of us after all her promises

Spencer Crae isn't even mad at you he wants Elissa to go

Spencer I think Amanda will come after you if Crae left

Spencer if Crae uses the veto on her he is going home

GinaMarie and Judd in HOH

GM recapping her convo with Amanda from earlier to Judd

GM and Judd leaves HOH

Amanda and McCrae going up to HOH to use the shower


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