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When Hate For A HG Goes Too Far.

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--- Quote from: onthecusp on September 01, 2013, 07:40:30 AM ---Some of the HGs have made a mess of their reputations/lives all on their own and will have to rectify any damage done on their own. They don't need any help from us.

I signed up at this web site after perusing many (some I am an old member on but no longer visit) as an outlet to blow off a little steam at this debauchery of a show and see how others felt because of its' kinder nature with no apparent hateful or at least the use of polite bashing.

This site is phenomenal in its' ease to navigate, options offered and its' tireless updating by hilariously funny and dedicated mods.

Well done ya'll!

Now let's all play nice with the other kids....

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the nice words OTC. We're glad you joined us! I came here like you. I had been on another site where there was a creep who would insult other posters and when it happened to me for making what was an innocuous comment and not defended I gave up that site. Then I found RFF and found my home.  Plus I loved the smileys!  :funny:

I pity these delusional people when they get back to the real world. They have forgotten that on the feeds they can and will seen and people will note and comment on whatever stupid, disgusting thing they do or say. But that doesn't mean that their families should be targeted. It's been a policy here that we don't do that. 

I can't fathom why someone would want to destroy someone's wedding site, what kind of hatred must you possess to do something so mean.  :umn:

I can't fathom why either TL.

Some people just go too far and you're right. Anything personal outside of the show or a friendly board is uncalled for.

It's scary....the things that you hear!

I'm sorry for Elissa when she finds out how her site was sabotaged.

Thankyou for the welcome! This is a pleasant 'Troll free' place to visit.

What is her (Elissa's) website? I want to see it!

I have no idea Ryan. Maybe Google? It must be a public site otherwise no one could post on it. Or so I would think. I avoid making anything public info. There is too much out there easily assessable to begin with.

We need a 'lips are sealed' smiley.

OTC, I LOVE our smileys. We have this one :-X 

: - X with no spaces.

Probably best not to give out the URL and it might have been made private by now. At least I hope it's been cleaned up and with limited access now.


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