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When Hate For A HG Goes Too Far.

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Reality Fan Forum Members & Guests:

As you know encourage open discussion here on our forums within some limitations.  We do not encourage personal attacks on HGs or their family members.  Sadly, some "fans" of the Big Brother, have taken to posting very insensitive comments, and terrible comments on Elissa and Brent's wedding guestbook website.  As you know we do not condone this behavior and as such, I will not post a link here, but if you google it you can find it.

People have taken to posting hateful thinks on members of Amanda's and Aaryn's family Facebook at twitter accounts as well.  Again, I will not post links here. 

Remember it's just a game people.    We all have HGs we do and don't like, and we all will voice out our opinions but there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. And destroying someone's wedding website with comments such as the ones posted, its downright hateful and mean.  Attacking someone's family for actions of the person is personal and wrong.  Please remember we are all human, and we all deserve to be treated with respect.

Thank you

Well said Howie.  It is a game, and we do not know any of these people and that kind of action is just as wrong as what people complain about

Some of the HGs have made a mess of their reputations/lives all on their own and will have to rectify any damage done on their own. They don't need any help from us.

I signed up at this web site after perusing many (some I am an old member on but no longer visit) as an outlet to blow off a little steam at this debauchery of a show and see how others felt because of its' kinder nature with no apparent hateful or at least the use of polite bashing.

This site is phenomenal in its' ease to navigate, options offered and its' tireless updating by hilariously funny and dedicated mods.

Well done ya'll!

Now let's all play nice with the other kids....

I just want to clear up that this is not in response to any posting on our website.  Everyone this season has keep their posting pretty well clean and free of hate speech.  It was more of a post to just call attention to how some people take things way to far.  To ruin someone's wedding website & to attack a person's family is personal and not game related.  It just is amazing that some people do not understand Big Brother is a game. 

I agree it's just a game, and there's far more than 2 people who have made unpleasant comments in the house this year, including most of those left in there.


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