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Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/1/13

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GM they can't promise her safety.

GM it's like broken promises.

Its not bad if Elissa or McCrae win HOH

We jut got to make sure if I am up against one of them we win the veto.

Andy the odds are in our favor

GM yeah that's always a plus.

Only need two votes to win next week.

GM going through the way things will unfold

She believes Thursday might be a DE.

Andy we would go from 7 to 5 if its a DE this week.

GM thinks it would be fucking awesome for her.  If Andy won HOH, she could win the next one.

We are set we do this with Amanda, if we don't we are fucked.

Andy absolutely

McCrae comes up to the HOH

Tells them that HOH...that Spencer is going to make pork chops.

They start talking about what the cameras in the glass balls are called in the HOH.

Back down in the deco room...

Elissa, Spencer, Judd...

Joking about McCrae winning POV

Spencer jokes that Elissa threw the POV to Amanda.

Spencer is going to start the pork chops.

Talking about a wedding going on...on the lot

Judd why is there a wedding here?

Elissa it must be someone who works here.

I can't wait for the Juddise (Judd & Jessie) wedding

Judd Laughs...and we get fish

Elissa says you can hear the into the bedroom so clearly from the storage room

Judd says you can hear DR in there.

Random chatter

Up in the HOH...

GM talking when she hurt her hand....


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