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GM and Spencer in HOH

GM what is going on

Spencer i am fake talking to you

GM oh really lol let me tell you what is going on...Amdna is begging for her life and wanting to get rid of Elissa and Crae is thinking of using the veto on Amanda if he can get the votes to stay and i told him if I wasn't putting up Elissa but I don't have to tell him anything

Spencer let me get this straight you do want Amanda gone right?

GM yeah and Crae too

Spencer he wont use it on Amanda anyway

GM he is the one that is suggesting it

GM I think Amanda is best to go this week and if he uses the veto on her then we get rid of him. He just wants to know if i am putting up Elissa

GM she was like begging and I dont know how many stops you can pull out nad she was throwing out all kinds of promises but i dont need them

Spencer to be honest with you that jury house is sitting there with their mouth watering waiting for Amanda to walk through that door

GM she even tried that America wants Elissa to go

Spencer you send her out this week and you have probably just won a half million and she didnt give a fuck about you when she was doing all the scheming

GM we cant have her her because thye will be playing together for HOH

GM I can't feel bad for her maybe they should feel bad for me and my broken foot

Spencer oh and she doesn't know fuck about black jack

GM I know I was like shut up and let me deal

GM everything is cool for you tomorrow and if you need colateral you can take Nick's hat

Spencer i am cool with you GM I trust you but i need to warn you that there may be a time when all of us are up here trying to get you to put up Elissa but I am trying to avoid it but just tell us thta you will take it into consideration

GM is eating now

Spencer I am going to tell her i told you to put Elissa up but it ain't happening but that is what she is trying to organize and I don't want you to be confused with me and Andy up here

GM please I am not budging bro

Spencer i know you aren't budging or you wouldnt have put them up

GM I told Crae yesterday that what have you done for me lately...and then thye played the Janet Jackson song and then they played that song dont mess with my fucking click my click...GM gets called out for talking about production

GM thye took the fish out

Let's move this to a whole new day



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