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Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/1/13

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Aaryn Evicted 5-0

HOH Comp- Hopportunity

Gina Marie Won HOH

America Voted and by 69% chose that the HG's who came in last have to wear a Chicken suit for 48 hours

Judd and Spencer Have to wear Chicken outfits

Luxury Comp on Friday Spencer won $10,000

Next Thursday Live Double Eviction

Gina Marie Nominated Amanda and McCrae

McCrae won POV

Boys in the HOH...

Random chatter.

Amanda in the kitchen...Microwaving something.

Andy tells Amanda not to say a word, but he threw to her.

Andy says GM is just telling him BS, she is considering all her options.

He feels its hard with GM because they get along a personal level , but never talk game.

Amanda & Andy in the Cockpit...

Amanda I just want to make sure Elissa goes up, I think you could influence her too

Andy I know, but a part of me thinks she doesn't even want to put Elissa up, she wants to break you to up

Amanda I just want her to put up Elissa so bad.

Andy I don't think Judd is on board with us at all

Amanda no he wants me out

He's making deals with Elissa, so she can walk away and not have any blood on her hand.

Talking about what to do for tomorrow, so they can get Elissa up.

They leave...and go there separate ways after Elissa peeks in the cockpit.

Andy heads up to HOH to talk with GM

Andy trying to figure out GMs head is at

GM says she told McCrae its a big discussion, she was on her own.  She has no one to ask for advice, and this decision is strictly her

Says McCrae said I don't want to have you humor me.

GM i'm keeping my decision the way it is.  He's safe, she's leaving

I don't care if she told me Elissa fucked Nick, but anything she says isn't going to change my mind

Andy Yeah

GM if I put Elissa up I am screwing myself

GM if we listen to her, we are just putting ourselves in the same position as before

Judd, Spencer and McCrae chatting in color block bedroom

Amanda and Andy talked briefly in the cockpit about trying to get Elissa put up

Andy up in HOH to talk to GinaMarie

GinaMarie is sticking to her plan. Get Amanda out.


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