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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/30/13

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Back post: when amanda was talking to gm in the color block room Amanda Tried to fake cry about aaryn leaving so GM faked hugged her and then walked away and made another face walking away like she wasnt buying her crap  fake cry! :lol3:

amanada cleaning the ktichen on cams 3/4

 cams 1/2 on hall bedroom mccrae andy and spencer

elissa out of Dr and over to the kitchen.. amanda  just shot a mean look at her thru the mirrors but elissa didnt see it

 amanda just took a very heavy breath! :lol:

gma nd andy in the color block room
 gm  i hav eto make sure that if i do this that my ass is good for next week

 andy yeah me judd or spencer will ahve this next week

 andy we hav eto play down how close we are.. and this way next week who ever stays  we say them to put up elissa and we have the votes..  and wee have to pit them agaisnt elissa

 gm yeah

 amadna in did y8ou tell her

 andy yeah

 spencer and judd  going to DR

 They are getting their chicken suits!! :lol3:

fishies till they come out in their chicken suits!! :knuckles:

Here are your chickens!!!

 i was wrong Mccrae doesnt have to wear one


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