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Live Feed Updates Friday 8/30/13

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Aaryn Evicted 5-0

HoH Comp- Hopportunity

Gina Marie Won HOH

America Voted and by 69% chose that the HG's who came in last have to wear a Chicken suit for 48 hours

Judd and Spencer Have to wear Chicken outfits

Sunday will be a Surprise Competition

Next Thursday Live Double Eviction

amanda just offered herself as a pawn.. but not the initial nominee she wants gm to put up judd and elissa

 gm is toying with her :lol:

 amanda it looks like  you are working with her and if you dont put elissa and judd up he can win veto and then take her off.

 gm we are all playing for veto next week

 amanda i will volunteer as a apwn so you dont have to make more enemies

 gm thank y8ou thank you.. i really wanst thinking.. i dont know aobut HOH's.. im like crap .. now i have to think  :lol:

 amanda if either one of them leave no one will be mad.. but if i leave mccrae and andy will be pissed..

the boys eating pizza

 amanda doesnt want any

amanda leaves gm..

 gm goes to the camera' she;s fucking nuts.. and she is going up and then makes the crazy cuckoo sign and then thumbs up to the camera!  then wiggles her HOH key to the camera!! :yess:


Amanda tells andy that she's going to make a f4 deal with andy so that judd/elissa go up :lol:


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