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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/29/13

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Elissa is cooking and telling everyone should get their food before the ants do

Judd up and gets called out to put on his mic

Elissa says the food is ready so they guys are up to go eat, says it smells good

Elissa made cabbage rolls with turkey

Judd, they look good

McCrae, Awsome

Judd in the bathroom washing up and GM is in the shower

Spencer and McCrae eating on the sofas, Andy sitting in the nom chair and Judd on the sofa with McCrae.  Giving a few shout outs

Elissa doing KP duty even though she cooked  (:;)

Amanda out of the DR and goes straight for the food

aaryn continues her packing and asking the girls if they would use some of her bathroom stuff, she will leave it.

Living room just talking about their first impressions of each other

Elissa finally in to eat her dinner too

Spencer had gone into the DR a bit ago


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