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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/29/13

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GM and Amanda

GM I knew Aaryn was going home and I do think ahead but i dont like to say

Amnada if one of them leave no one will care like if Elissa or Judd leave no one cares but if i leave Crae will be mad and vice versa. What you have to worry about is next week.

GM Aaryn is gonna be thanks GM for winning HOH 1 week to late

GM it was horrible having to say her name to evict

Amanda me and Crae were working with bunny for weeks

GM I knew you were protecting her so I would be protected

Amanda Crae is the one that didn't trust her and trusted Andy

Amanda did Elissa make any deals with you

GM no she just asked me if she put Aaryn up would I vote her out

GM I told Elissa I was a vote for her so I didnt want to go up next to her


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