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Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/29/13

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Helen evicted 4-1

All 4 Jurors came back to compete in HOH Off The Wall

Judd won the right to return back in the game out of the Jurors

Elissa won HOH

Elissa Nominated Aaryn and McCrae

POV Players: Elissa Aaryn McCrae  Picked Amanda  Gina Marie HouseGuest Choice Judd Andy Hosted


Amanda  won POV

Amanda used POV on McCrae

Elissa nominated Andy as the replacement

Andy and Aaryn are on the block and up for eviction

Aaryn tells Amanda GM and Andy Judd that she was really a psych major not a business major

Amanda are you related to Howie Judd

Judd no

Andy thought there was a possibility that Aaryn could have been Hayden's sister

Aaryn no way

ok I am out for the night  :waves:

Aaryn packing

Elissa cooking ...all the rest just hanging out and chatting

Spencer and McCrae laying on the sofas, not even saying much

Aaryn still packing and Judd laying in bed talking with her

Aaryn telling Judd and GM about a necklace her dad got her in Cozumel.

GM, where?  where is that?  :groan:

Andy in in with Spencer, McCrae has disappeared, talking about the veto and penalty noms

Here comes McCrae, who lays back down.  sounds like Elissa is talking to them from the kitchen


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