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TAR 23: Travis Jasper & Nicole Jasper "Married - ER Physicians"

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--- Quote from: RaceUntilWeDie on August 28, 2013, 08:26:40 PM ---First impression...

By Look: Fit & athletic, competitive couple!
By Video: They seem really smart and like nice people. They give me Chip & Kim vibes for some reason.
Overall Impression: I think they'll be a likable team and serious at the same time while racing. They could go far, but they seem like the kind of team who would go out after making a poor decision(s).

--- End quote ---

I agree with you! They could quickly become one of my favorites, and I could see them doing very well.

I likeeeeee them! They give me the Aja and Ty feel though. But not making a prediction they will leave early... I think they will go far! And in a way they remind me of Nat and Kat! Doctors, blue team colour...  :colors :cheer: :funny:

Like them! <333
Will be rooting! :hrt:

Strong, but kind of boring IMO?

Prediction: F5 and above.

Ranking: Middle tier of interestingness, could fall if nobody is obnoxious and everybody is boring.

Yes I agree airlineguys, they seem a bit monotone but it's probably because of their profession (kinda cold, got the same vibe from Hoskote)
Maybe they'll need 2-3 legs before they loosen up and we warm to them.


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