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TAR 23: Travis Jasper & Nicole Jasper "Married - ER Physicians"

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I like this team! It's been a long time since I liked a married couple team and I think that this team will do well. The only team that I think has the vibe in this team is Ken & Tina. The best married (or re-married) couple team ever! :cheer:

Mister RC:
It's a combination of TK & Rachel and Chip & Kim.  Awesome, nice couple, as mentioned, but good enough to win. Not alpha-male like or Dave & Rachel like, but enough to survive and then win when it matters the most.

I think they will win as long as they don't become targets for the U-turn. This is because people might U-turn them especially if they are seen as smart.

Once they don't over-analyse things. That could be there downfall, or of course, if they become a target for the Uturn.

ZBC Company:
Does anyone know they both are on untold stories of er on tlc


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