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TAR 23: Rowan Joseph & Shane Partlow "Best Friends-Actors"

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First Impression...

By Look: They might be a funny team but I don't think they'll be strong on the Race.
By Video: How many teams have lied about their profession :lol: I like this team already! They seem to joke around over everything.
Overall Impression: Kinda looking forward to seeing them on the Race; but they might be that "slow" team, so I don't really see them going that far.

Such a fun team! Jon and Al vibes! I hope they go far because my heart says NO. Please prove me wrong! Would be watching out for them!!

talking 'bout useless m/m teams

I think they'll be like just a comedy filler, just like Dave & Cherie.. But, let's see. ;)

I think they are cast as the underdogs this season? Somewhat like David/Mary and Chuck/Wynona? Every season there needs to be one team where people will look at them and go... REALLY, will they even win?? And when they do exceptionally well (just the F6 will do, about 6 to 8 legs out of 12 is really beyond expection!), it's usually really really heart-warming and these teams grow on people!

Hopefully they will be the same!! :cheer:


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