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TAR 23: Rowan Joseph & Shane Partlow "Best Friends-Actors"

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--- Quote from: Vitoko on October 12, 2013, 11:02:28 PM ---That was an interesting thing to read but I hate how Rowan keeps blaming everyone else for his lack of spanish (his functional spanish is way off) or his mistake with the shoshine person (22 seasons before, same colored route markers, your mistake)... I guess that is the way he lived the race but I saw something totally different on TV and I was paying close attention to their interactions with the locals...

Looks like Leo&Jamal speech on playing everyone else is real... interesting... quite interesting.

--- End quote ---

It was Rowan's fault why they got eliminated because of the shoeshine task.
Don't blame others because at the end of the day, you yourselves are to blame of your elimination! :knuckles:

I'd have liked for them to stay a couple legs longer, but there's no way having Nicky & Kim eliminated instead of them!


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