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TAR 23: Nicky Getz & Kim DeJesus "Baseball Wives and Friends"

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--- Quote from: alltsa on August 28, 2013, 08:20:07 PM ---Kim getz reminds me of Amanda on big brother 15!

--- End quote ---

Well, there is a Kim, and there is a Getz....but they are not one person. :lol:

And I like this team. They both seem like strong feisty women who will be great fun to watch. They are both extraordinarily involved with their communities, and with charitable and fund raising events. Less like Amanda I can't imagine.

Cheering for them!!  :conf:

I like this team. Even though they qualify as semi-celebrities, it doesn't seem like they want to run the Race just to gain the attention. I think they will be a lot like Mona & Beth, only less negative and more optimistic.

My eyes just got blinded by their looks (sorry I'm superficial). SUCH A GREAT TEAM TO LOOK AT. #MICHAELWOULDAGREE

They remind me of a mix between Jaime/Cara and Kelly/Christy... which I didn't really like. But also Caroline and Jennifer, which I adore!

Can't wait to see how they perform on this race! Hopefully they kick-ass! <3



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